10 Keys To True Happiness.

So, it’s more like the key to my happiness. This blog was inspired by a radio DJ I heard this morning actually reading a blog about how to be a happier person. Typical answers like, think positive, see the good in everything, take time for yourself, be a good person, and blah blah blah blah blah. Really great, really. I’m all for being positive and spreading joy and love but realistically, these things are just not as simple as they sound. I mean really, if the key to happiness was easy, and being positive was easy, we would all be riding unicorns on rainbows while taking shots of vodka and chocolate and fist pumping and shouting good vibes for all to hear. Sooooooo, I’m going to make my own personal key to happiness list. Like happiness for dummies. Simple steps you can make during your busy days. A list real life everyday list normal people like me (ha) can relate to. My goal was 10 valid points, but we all know how much I like to carry on, so I’m aiming to make 5 without writing my first novel.

Here we go yo…….

1. Accept that stupidity always wins. It really does. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who is just so ignorant you can’t even believe they are capable of breathing on their own? No matter what you say, how intelligent and thought out your response is, they can follow up with something as stupid as, ‘yeah that’s what she said’, and instantly right there, they won. They won because you are now in a horrible mood, and they are skipping away not even remembering the conversation, while you sit and fume about it for the rest of your life. Answer: don’t engage in a conversation with someone you already know is an asshat.

2. Driving the speed limit in the passing lane. So totally unacceptable. Is it really though? What better start to a smooth day then to have everything slowed down for just a small percent of it. Slow your roll for the day. Slow another persons roll for the day. Take your time. Take someone’s else’s time. Leave early. Make them have to leave early, because they will remember your slow ass and leave earlier too. Plan your day around driving 65 in the passing lane, because all the people stuck behind you yesterday, will leave earlier also to avoid you, which will make them get up earlier, start their day with a little more time, be able to drink an extra pot of coffee, maybe have time for some yoga, maybe curl their hair….ha. Just kidding. They will see how not rushing in the stressful mornings can have a huge impact on their mood for the day. Be someone’s petty anger today before they have time to be angry about something serious. You WILL see all the happiness you’ve helped create being waved at you one finger at a time….which in turn, will boost your own.

3. Don’t join the nose picker next to you. If someone is digging on a mission, let them do it alone. Look away. Walk away. Don’t join in on the craziness of with them. Although, do you notice now that your nose itches? And you literally feel like you HAVE to scratch it or pick it a tiny bit? Amazing how that chain reaction works huh? Think of how many other things in life we all chain react to. Shame on us. Shame on us.

4. Ask your kids three serious questions about something HARMLESS they couldn’t possibly understand. Just to hear their answers. Like ask them how global warming may affect them on the playground, or how they feel about world peace in the lunchroom. Kids love to tell you about things in their own way. They love to have you listen. They love to feel important. And the whole time you will listen with a smile, and your mood radar will instantly rise. Even put your phone down and truly listen and stop recording it on Instagram (I’m SO guilty.) I really want to hear your kids’ replies too. Comment them to me, or message them to me. I want to KNOW!

(Disclaimer: think before you ask these questions. Keep them age appropriate. Like don’t ask your 7 year old how they feel about capital punishment. Acause, (ha, that’s how Claire says because.) then you have to explain capital punishment, and……why the hell would you explain something like that to your small child unless using it in a sentence to get them to brush their damn teeth. Just kidding……😳)

5. Write a blog. Write a journal. Keep a diary. Leave post it notes of your silly thoughts all over the house to see. I’ve been doing this for 3 days now, and all of my life stress is GONE…….😳

Practice your own points of happiness. Simple things, baby steps. Your stresses weren’t built in a day and neither was Rome……❤️❤️


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