A bit about us.

Me: Read my about me.

Ray: He’s a saint. He entered this relationship of chicks two years ago, and never looked back. He has no experience with kids, but he tries every single day. We adore him.

Ella: 10. Moody, and knows everything. Confident and beautiful. Her interests are texting people sitting next to her, dance, and anything outdoors. She is a country girl to the core , and extremely independent. She suffers from severe anxiety, but you would never guess.

Claire: 7. Sensitive, and the biggest heart and soul you will ever find. She’s a vegetarian, and loves to spend her time trying to solve the worlds problems. Her interests are how things are made, born, and how things die. She is unbelievable. This is just the beginning for Claire, she will go on in life to do amazing things.



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