Ice Ice & my baby.

I’m sitting in the ice shack right now, and all the work has been done. Tip ups are in, and we have broken up twice. He just doesn’t get that my hands get cold super easy. Even afterwards in the tent with the heater. And gloves. And my hands on his bare back. (They LOVE that.) I could just sit in the truck like I did last year, but I do my shit. I get it done. You have to pay your dues when you transition from gf who goes with, to girlfriend who knows what’s up. And, I love fishing, so I take it seriously now, but still….I remember last year when were still a newer couple he wanted to do everything. You just stay warm babe, I got this. See, that’s what they do. They real you in. Make you love their hobby because it’s easier if we do. And I do. But if you’re going to make it one way, keep it one way. Now here I am baiting tip ups, shoveling snow, freezing my ass off and nobody is asking me if I’m okay or babying me anymore. It’s just expected. I’m being taken advantage of.

I remember when his main goal was to see me catch a fish too. You take the next ten flags babe. Then it happens. You out fish him for the first time and the love instantly stops. You’re no longer the adorable little snow bunny he thought was so cute, you are a threat. You’re just another asshole on the ice, taking what’s his. It’s game on. Now he’s got me by like 75 pounds, so he could tackle my ass to the ground the second that flag pops up easily, but I’ve learnt how to be sneaky. The old fashioned sneak tactic. Never underestimate the power of teasing a man about getting frisky. Even when it’s twenty below, he’ll start to strip instantly in what is now a love shanty, and no longer an ice shack, and you know what you do? You run like hell. You’ll have the fish out of the ice before he even knows what hit him. And the best part? It will work every time. I don’t know why, but when it’s comes to hanky panky AND fishing, they suddenly have the memory of a fish.

Also, your biggest fish may be 6 inches bigger than his, but it’s really not. And by the end of the day it isn’t even your fish anymore, it’s really his, and you’re crazy. And 13 inches is suddenly 14 inches, and that same spot you’ve been going to for a month, is really a new secret hole if anyone asks. The more I write this, the more I’m afraid to post this with the chance that he may actually read it. He’s gotta understand, I’m just trying to write a successful blog here. The stand up comedian we watched on YouTube last night said his wife who was from China wouldn’t stop eating his bait. She didn’t care what he said, I guarantee it……😳 She was understanding. And, I’ve been quiet this whole time in the shack writing this, so you’re welcome babe.

“I have to go to the bathroom…….”

Every mans nightmare while fishing with a woman. Here we are, surrounded by 20 other tents, and there is no chance of just nonchalantly whipping it out for me. This happens. It’s impossible for it not to happen in 8 to 10 hours. Such an inconvenience too. Like I’m so sorry to ruin your day…let me just hold it and ruin my kidneys for you babe. Since you’re so understanding, and I do have two, don’t you worry about me. Only advise I can give on the bathroom situation is, don’t pee in their minnow buckets ever. Even when it’s empty, and even when you’re desperate. I guess it’s never okay to do that…..and it’s also never okay to think its funny not to tell them. 😳

You spend A LOT of time with a person when your frequent fishing partners. It’s just you two staring at each other for hours upon hours. I don’t have a whole lot of advise to give you ladies out there, but just always remember if they are willing to take you more then that first time, you did okay. But also remember, you’re only cold when he’s cold, you’re only hungry when he’s hungry, and you’re only bored when he’s bored. Oh and never, ever give them advise. It’s wrong. Trust me. Keep these thoughts to yourself. Save that energy for fighting a 15 pound slob. Oh, and bring Kleenex always. Snot rockets only work for men no matter how many hours they spend trying to teach you. Happy ice fishing season folks! Enjoy these days with your partner, even with all that being said, I’m honestly very thankful that he picked me to be his. May your flags be endless, and your fish always bigger than his…..❤️❤️


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