If I had a million dollars….

“If I had a million dollars….”

Just a short little blog today. What would you guys do if someone handed you one million dollars right now? Tis the season to be broke, so I wanna play pretend for a little bit to lift everyone’s spirits. Or make everyone feel worse since chances are nobody is going to hand any of us 1,000,000 today……😳

I would instantly put 500,000 dollars away for my kids. I would pay off all my debts. I would buy a Jeep Wrangler, and my parents house. I think I’m down to like 300,000 now. I would invest 100,000 into something….I have no idea what, but my dad is good with that shit, so I’d ask him. 200,000 left. And that’s where I would keep it. (After buying an entire top of the line ice fishing wardrobe, a life supply of flannel shirts and leggings, and my kids those stupid freaking hover boards.)

Okay, your turn! Let’s hear it!


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