Negativity. The evil of all evil.

So last night I was checking out some of my favorite people I follow on Facebook, which is like a lot of potty mouth women who make me laugh a little too loud over stuff that’s a little too, “not that funny.” But tonight, instead of reading their posts or watching their videos, I found myself scrolling their reviews. Then I caught myself only stopping to read the bad reviews. I was scrolling and bad review reading like a fiend. And then I thought, why? These comments are brutally mean and hurt MY feelings for them. I love these ladies, why am I only interested in reading what BAD things people have to say about them? What is it about negativity that draws us in so much? I mean, you could be miss jolly flipping sunshine, but there will aways be something negative that sparks your fancy whether you admit it, and/or realize it.

Let’s think of some examples, and please do share with me any that you can think of that I might have missed, because I really want to get to the bottom of this mystery.


The biggest one I can think of off the top of my head right now is ‘selfies.’

ŚËŁFĮĖŚ. – definition : a picture of yourself, only you look good in it.

We all take them. We all love them. And we all have probably 5+ of them sitting in our camera roll that nobody has ever seen, but every time you scroll through your pictures and see it and consider deleting it you think you may want to post it someday when your just not feeling that great about yourself. (Deep breath) I’ve done it. I have them. I can think of at least two that I’m dying to post right now, but I’m just waiting for the time to be right to lay it all out for the world to see, like, love, and comment on. And you’re a big dumb liar if you say you have never done the same. We all do it, yet we all judge people for doing it. Like really, selfies are probably the best free therapy to ever happen to the female species. And why wouldn’t they be? Everyone needs to feel beautiful and adored. Nobody is going to post a horrible picture of themselves, and why should they? That’s what friends and family members are for. Just kidding……but not just kidding. It’s happened to me so many times. Families usually because they just don’t get it, but friends because they DO get it but secretly have a little bit of evil deep down inside. We all do. Why wouldn’t we want to be the prettiest in the picture? Here, let me post this picture of us on social media where you look fantastic but I look like I’m literally a pile of vomit in the dirt. Ain’t nobody that kind hearted up in this world. So here’s the scoop….selfies are wonderful. But if you take them, you are terrible. Moving on……..

I didn’t wanna, but I’m gunna…..The Election. And I will not mention H or D, because this is based off my views of elections in general.

Before the election we are all prancing through the freaking flowers hand in hand and loving everyone and everything…then ZAP! (Hehe, I’ve always wanted to write zap about something.) There are two people that are going to fight for our country, and you have 5 seconds to decide who’s lunch table you are going to sit at. I mean, most people know at a pretty early age if they lean one way or the other. I was brought up in a family that knew EXACTLY who I was going to lean towards. And chances are, they will be right. It’s almost like you are born with the gene passed down. But my point is, at what point in time did voting become HATE THY NEIGHBOR, FRIEND, AND FAMILY IF THEY DO NOT HAVE MY EXACT BELIEFS!? My 9 year old doesn’t believe in Santa anymore, but she doesn’t HATE WITH FIRE my 6 year old because she does. Election time is like anger erection time. People feed off the need to voice their opinions, but are not willing to accept that other people also have opinions, and they may or may not match. It should make us all sad, not mad. But I’m going to move on and probably write my last point because this is getting really long……

Negativity as parents. Dun dun dun. What is one thing we are all guilty of? Looking at someone’s child and thinking, no. Just no. Whether it’s an ugly baby, or a bratty toddler, or an out of control teenager, we are always judging. In our head, in our minds we are thinking, I cannot BELIEVE that so and so is letting their child do this and that, and not doing anything about it. (Poor ugly baby CANT do anything about it, but you catch what I’m tossing.) Well, how the hell do we know if they aren’t? Sure, there is a population out there of legit loser parents who do not deserve the title, but some of them may not be as legit bad as we think. Maybe instead of judging the mother in Target who’s child is throwing a complete shit fit over a stupid $546 dollar piece of plastic garbage Shopkin, we should step in, hug the mother, and slowly turn to the kid and say, hey you little asshole, respect your mom or I’m going to take you away to a very dark place where nobody can hear you cry…….

……and I’m out. It’s been fun but sometimes you gotta know where to draw the line! Remember guys, negativity is ugly, even in a selfie. Always. ❤️❤️


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