Pink Camo Is Ghetto.

Tonight I am going to talk about 10 things that I seriously have no idea how I survive dealing with in my life. 10 things that make me cringe every time I think about them. 10 things that will haunt me for the rest of my life. 10 things that literally drive me mental. If any of you are struggling or dealing/recovering from any of these things listed, PM me. We can chat. We can get through this together. Im here for you.

Number 1. Moving car seats back and forth from car to car. 8 damn years with Ella, and going on 6 years now with Claire. As if that isn’t a big enough pain in the ass, mine always vanish! Not so much the car seats as a baby, but booster seats? Those things disappear like ninjas! How is this possible? Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. Claire currently does NOT have a booster seat again, and since she is a vegarexic (vegetarian/anorexic) I am going to have to buy YET ANOTHER booster because her skinny ass will be in one until she’s like 40.

Number 2. When someone winds my Chapstick all the way down. What. The. Hell. Are. You. Thinking? Can I use my Chapstick below the plastic? No. Do I have time to wind it back up? No. What if I am driving, can I take both hands off the wheel to mess around with it when two innocent children and their lives are depending on my decision to chose Chapstick over their safety? No. And I hate when you roll it all the way down then back up, because it looks dirty. Like that loose soft dirty looking Chapstick that bunches up around the edges, what is that? I don’t even want to know. Gag.

Number 3. Superior, WI. Why is everything I have ever loved about Superior, WI been ripped away from me? Ohhhh no…..Superior is starting to get a tad bit to classy, better shut down the Target Store. Also, RIP Pizza Hut. Gone but never forgotten.

Number 4. People who DO NOT use blinkers to enter turning lanes on the highway while I’m trying to cross. It’s okay, I’ve got all the time in the world to wait for you to enter the turning lane without any warning, when I have been sitting here assuming your ass was going to speed by. I didn’t need a heads up that I could have went for 5 minutes. By all means……after you!

Number 5. Pink camouflage. I don’t know why but I just really can’t stand the sight of it. And let me tell you, I can still see it AND the people wearing it. Its obviously not working.

Number 6. Open ended Facebook statuses. If you need prayers, you’re going to have to let me know what I am praying for, because chances are what I think you need prayers for and what you actually NEED prayers for are going to be totally different. So just don’t.

Number 7. Sweatshirts with messed up necks. What ever happened to good old fashioned hoodies? Hood, tie string, end of story. I mean I’m fine with the fancier sweatshirts they have now, they work for some people, but don’t assume they work for me. You don’t know me. What gives you the right to remove all regular hoodies from existence? God I miss a good old fashioned comfy PINK hoodie. Have they gone vintage? Where have they gone??

Number 8. Parent proof children’s toy packaging. You all know exactly what I am talking about. Pad locks, chains, electric fences, 6000 twist ties, forty pounds of packaging tape, and those weird plastic things you have to turn in a combination code. Ugh.

Number 9. Lazy lettuce on the salad bar. You know, those chunks of lettuce that are never going to fit in your mouth? You try to make it work and then dump dressing all over yourself, and its smeared half way across your face. Not to mention we all look like a bunch of cows trying to get it all actually into our mouths? Like seriously, picture a cow grazing. Now picture yourself eating a salad where the lettuce is way too big. Hahahaha. Okay not that funny, but my predictive text now turns one ha into many hahahaha’s.

And finally number 10. Misplaced pins on Pinterest. Like a recipe in the beauty section. This is probably my biggest pet peeve. If you can’t keep Pinterest organized, pin something to help you organize it. My world is chaotic enough. I don’t have time to sort through your mispinned pins.

There you have it. No thought whatsoever went into this blog, I just needed something thoughtless after my last couple of entries. Sorry you can’t get the last 5 minutes of your life back, but look on the bright side, it only took you 5 minutes of your day to read it. It took an hour of my day to write it for you…… that’s how much I love all of you…..❤️❤️


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