Why Blog?

I love to write. I have always loved it, even when I was growing up. I also love to be sarcastic. I think my love for sarcasm has to do with the fact that I’m mentally incapable of having an adult, serious conversation with anyone without feeling uncomfortable. It’s not that I don’t have anything intelligent to say, because I do in my mind, I just can’t get past that awkward moment where they are looking me in the eyes and staring at me waiting for me to respond. So, I insert sarcasm. I don’t think it’s necessarily a horrible thing, most people look at me as witty, easy going, and even funny at times. They couldn’t possibly know that it’s really just insecurity in my ability to communicate without being awkward. I hate eye contact too, but luckily I have ADD so I can stare blankly and most do not know that I am kind of off on a different planet, and really not listening to a single thing they have coming out of their mouth. Speaking of ADD……..

I love to write. I have always loved it even when I was growing up. I was really good at notes to my mom to get out of whatever trouble I was in, and writing notes in class….unfortunately notes to friends or boys, but absolutely never ones about anything pertaining to a test or my education. I was good at writing in college, and I actually somehow managed to publish a book. A children’s book only, but making 20 some pages rhyme and follow a story line is WAY more difficult then writing about Sir Anthony’s quivering loins, and Madam Annabelle’s bulging bosoms. Anyways, so my very bestest friend is writing a blog, and I’ve wanted to for a while now, so she was like do it, so I was like, I’m going to do it. I actually wrote my first blog entry a few months ago, but I really wanted to explain why I personally wanted to keep a blog first. Which, I still haven’t done yet and I’m like exactly 339 words into this already……

So, I love to write……just kidding.

I do though, and this is going to kind of be like my thoughts, and stories, and views, and basically whatever runs through my mind that day. I’m sure there will be Claire stories. (My 6 year old daughter who is like a sweet but salty truffle of terror.) And Ella stories, (my 9 year old who is just like a beautiful hormonal bundle of preteen hell.) But, either way, if you’ve made it this far in, I hope to be one reason why you maybe smile ONE TIME everyday, or snicker, or deactivate your social media…..it’s just I want to leave some sort of impact on you. Because if you can read this, you are now in some shape or form, part of my life. And I will be handing over chunks of my life on a platter on here.

So, here we go, and I apologize in advance if anything I ever writes offends someone, because it truly is not my intention. And I can almost guarantee it’ll be some sarcasm on people with no kids NOT having to stress about something just totally ridiculous my kids did, but just know it doesn’t mean I don’t respect you…..it just means I hate you. Just kidding. It’s jealousy….envy….I love you………..promise. ❤️❤️


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