Mom tip: Bribes get shit done.

I am what you would call a pushover parent. My mom was the same, and so was her father before her. It’s hereditary I believe. I cave way too easily, and sometimes my kids forget who’s the boss. Me…NOT them.

Anyways, I’m pretty bad at making my kiddos do things, and since nobody wants to raise a slacker, I’m going to start blogging some things that will encourage our little humans to chip in, and also disguise the fact that you’re being a, “mean chore demanding mom.”

Chores. Definition: little things that the moms who actually have the control, make their children do. It’s not a myth. I know, I was shocked.

Today I am going to wrap up my kids chores in a present. With a small present to go inside it also. (I don’t care if kids should just have to do their chores without rewards. This is my blog and my life and I’ll reward if I want to.)

What you will need:



Write down their chore. Grab some tape and tissue paper. Wrap up their chore and reward like so:


Wrap it, seal it, and place it somewhere where they can easily spot it:


Then just sit back and see if it works. I have not tried this yet, as I am just winging it, so please share and let me know if anyone is successful with it.

If you are NOT succsessful with my first little DIY, how to, whatever you want to call it thing here, I will have a new idea for you next week, so tune in!


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