Right now, right here. 5 truths about you.


I saw this tonight on Facebook after spending hours looking for one of those cutesy “about me” questioniers on Pinterest, which was a total fail. I mean, as much as I’m sure you’re all dying to know that I am Virgo and my favorite food is….well, all food, I just wanted a little something more personal.

So, how about we open up a bit? 5 truths, right now, right here, and be completely honest. I’m not expecting you to write them down in the comments, or “share” your results, (please do, if you are comfy doing so) but I am asking that you take 15 minutes out of your day, grab a notebook, and write down 5 truths about yourself. Then ask a friend or two to do the same. I think it’ll be a good excersize for our minds, and I think we will learn something new about ourselves in the process maybe? I don’t know, in my next paragraph I need to start writing mine out but here I am, procrastinating because I absolutey HATE confronting myself. I’m actually less worried about sharing this with all of you then I am reading what my own mind has to say sometimes.

Here goes……

5. I wish I would have been born book smart instead of “creative”, or whatever you would call it. It’s like the book smart people came up with the word “creative” to make us dumb people feel like we have a catergory. I’ve never seen a, “my kid is a creative student, at whatever highschool” bumper sticker in my entire life.

4. My brain is chaos, and I spend every second of every day trying to organize it, I fail, repeat, repeat, repeat, and I am tired. Apparently bloggers are experts at organizing their homes, finances, and schedules, but nobody has figured out how to organize this whirlwind of a head on my shoulders here. (Challenge accepted anyone!?) But for real, I am constantly stressing myself out. I just want to be stress freaking free. I want the epiphany thing where it just all makes sense one day with the switch of a bulb. It’s been 34 years. I should have life by the balls at this point, or anything by the balls for that matter.


3. I love to write probably more than doing anything else in this entire world. Unfortunately, I feel like all dreams/hobbies/interests I have, it just distracts me from actually accomplishing anything with myself or my future. I want to write things that help people. I want to write things that make people laugh. I want to write, and I want it to be my career. But even after hours and hours and hours of trying to learn how to do it, how to start, how to figure it out, I still just don’t get it. Everything says have a product to sell. Or do tutorials. Or write reviews. Maybe I’ll make, “my kid is a creative student” bumper stickers and sell on Ipsy. Nah. I don’t wanna sell, I just want to write. And maybe someday get paid to do it so I can justify my hours spent glued to Pinterest. Truth is though? I’ll still do it. Truth is, no matter what comes of it, I love it because it’s part of who I am. I can’t make a living raising my kids, but I still have to do that. It’s just the way it is.

2. This is our dog. Her name is Wally…I am envious of all dogs, especially Wally because they only have 2 truths in life….they want love, and they want food. That’s all. So simple…


1. Truth. I ate healthy ALL day. Whoop whoop!! (Then the sun went down and the dog and I ate an entire bag of chips. With melted cheese on top. And salsa. In like 6 minutes. The end.)


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