Adventures with kiddos don’t have to be exhausting.



A couple days ago we ventured out for our first little hike of the year. We didn’t pack anything but a camera. I was actually wearing flip flops. We went exactly one mile past our house, so it was basically, our backyard. We were only gone for an hour or so, but to this little girl, you’d think we went to an all inclusive resort in the tropics for two weeks. She ran free along that river like it was the most amazing thing that she’d ever seen. She laughed and pointed out everything to me. (Apparently there are shrimp swimming freely in the Totogatic River in Northern, WI. She saw them. She swears.)


We followed the river for a ways, and she ran back and forth the entire time. I swear she didn’t stop smiling for a second. She looked so tiny running ahead of me next to that big river, and all the huge trees around her. She was in heaven.


See folks? Stress free, didn’t cost a dime. It can be that simple.

Kids need to run. They need air. The need to unwind after sitting in a classroom all day, just as we need to unwind after a long day at work. Get them outside. Burn off some steam with them. Maybe you’ll have to skip making dinner that night and eat cereal, big deal. Maybe your laundry and housework work won’t get done, who cares? Life can wait, but your time with your kids can’t. Enjoy them, because all they want is your attention. They don’t care where, they don’t care how much it costs, they don’t even care how long your gone, so just do it.

Nobody ever said, “man, I really regret spending that time with my children.”










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