Photo Challenge: Security

via Photo Challenge: Security


Security: “the state of being safe from danger or a threat.”


I am my biggest threat and danger in life. I have a dangerous mind that will drive me mad. I have a dangerous mind that HAS driven me mad. It never stops. Ever.


There is something about being in the middle of a lake that clears all my thoughts. I can’t explain how it happens either. The fresh air maybe? The complete silence? Is that all my busy mind needs is a wide open area of……nothing? That “nothing” is my security. I love the way “nothing” feels wrapped all around me. Its like an enormous blanket.

It’s like everything just stops.

There is nothing to see, there is nothing to do, and there is nowhere to go.

Its beautiful.

Especially right when the sun starts to go down. If there is wind? It stops. The birds stop.  The whole world is silent and still. I can hear a fish jump from all the way across the lake like it is right next to me. I just sit there in complete silence. Not a single thought goes through my head.

It truly is beautiful.


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