Adventures in Cape Cod.

via Daily Prompt: Unravel


Spring and Summer are about to UNRAVEL all around us! What kind of adventures will be unraveling around you this year!?

I took the picture above last May on a surprise trip I took my BF on for his birthday to Cape Cod, MA. We love to fish, he had never seen the ocean, I wanted to see whales, and we both love to eat. Hello Cape Cod. Deep sea fishing, whale watching, almost completely surrounded by beautiful ocean beaches, and all the fresh lobster you can possibly eat. (Or afford.) Jackpot.

For those of you who are not lame like us, this place seemed pretty low key, which is in fact perfect for us, as we were in bed by like 9pm every night. We weren’t really there during a busy season either. I’m sure Provincetown has the potential to party it up! Basically we were deep into a sleep induced food coma that early each night. No joke, you can get lobster everywhere. And for DIRT cheap. Here is BF eating his first lobster. He was terrified.



So in May in Cape Cod, the weather is usually about 40-50 degrees. We lucked out somehow and the temps were reaching highs of like 80 a couple of the days we were there. The locals said it was not a common thing. We felt very unprepared in all of our warm clothes we packed, but they were also necessary for our early morning hikes down the miles and miles of foggy beaches.



It is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Everything is just clean. Everything is built so beautiful too. It’s like a different planet.

If you are unsure on deep sea fishing, you can go out for a day for like $50 bucks a person. No joke, all you need to do is research it. You will find amazing deals, and you will catch fish. LOTS of fish. Someday I want to go on a two day Bluefin Tuna trip, but it’s just not in my budget just yet. These fish were so fun to catch though! Unfortunately I can’t remember if it’s a Haddock or a Pollack. Either way, a blast and it was literally $50 bucks. (And they take the fish off for you!)



This year for BF’s birthday, we are heading to Deadwood, SD to pay our respects to Wild Bill, pan for gold, and see what the Wild Wild west has to offer. (Sawyer Brown is putting on a free concert at Wild Bill days too! And I like free entertainment!)

So again, where are all of your adventures going to unravel this year?!

PS – BF looked really crabby in the lobster picture….I’ll end this with one where he saw the ocean for the very first time, and is smiling- just so he doesn’t give the impression that he is an old grump!




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