Negative thoughts on Essential Oils? Well, “we have an oil for that!”


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, I’m sure you’ve heard of Essential Oils. (Groan or cheer here!!) I’m sure you have also already made up your mind about essential oils as well. I’m so glad!

Despite the oil path that you have taken….I absolutley LOVE my oils. It’s taken me 2 years to figure out which ones work for me as well. And that’s the thing…they work for ME. I’m not insisting that they will work for you. I’ve cut 3 huge narcotics out of my life because of these little drops of magic. (An anti anxiety pill, an anti depressant, and also a very addictive medication I have been on since age 12 for my ADHD.) Did these oils “cure” me? No. Because unfortunately for my “diseases,” there is no cure. There are only ways to live WITH my disorders and find little things to help me along the way. I just happened to finally choose the natural route for myself. These help me, honestly and truthfully, and these get me through some days when I feel like I cant. But so many question MY choice and constantly make it into a vicious joke.

I want to know why?

What I live with is no joke. Somedays there are times when I literally want to take my head inbetween my hands and crush until there is nothing left. Is that funny? Because I don’t think it’s funny at all. If I smear some strong smelling oils onto myself and it helps me through that, why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t you want that for me?

I don’t push my product on anybody. I don’t knock door to door trying to “sell” my product. I don’t shove it down people’s faces like politics or religion either. I purchase my own products. I don’t ask them to be given to me as a hand out. I don’t expect any programs or grants to pay for them for me, this is all just what I chose to do. And I put just enough time into it so that YOUNG LIVING now pays for my oils I need every month, and I can assure you, I didn’t do hardly anything to get to that point. (Shout out to my awesome team of ladies quick, you’re all amazing!) Anyways, I just truly love using oils. I love my kids, and fishing and my dog, so I share them all over social media also. One time I even shared the inside of a Northern Pikes belly on Facebook. Was PETA all over me about it? No! So why are you about my oils?

Here is this amazing and HUGE group of people all over the U.S. just trying to promote something they love, (and YES make a little money on the side too.) No reason to bring out the tar and feathers. If I could make some extra cash promoting something I love, you bet your bum I’d do it. Let me tell you…..these, “crazy oilers” truly love these YLEO! (Young Living Essential Oils. You bet I named dropped right there!) Why do people have to try to knock them down for that? Is it taking up space on Facebook newsfeeds that could be used for all the negative things in this world that are WAY more uplifting then a mother who helped her sick kid with an oil? Or a woman who has made a succsessful business and can now support her family and herself out of sharing something she loves? Is it taking up space on Instagram that could be used for absolutely nothing useful whatsoever? The difference here is, we don’t care what you post. Post your selfies, post your kids, post your businesses, post your dinner, even post your cocktails and beers. We don’t care! So why do you? What exactly is it about these oils that bother you so much?

I use essential oils DAILY. I will continue to use essential oils DAILY. I will also continue to share my love for them. Probably not daily, but it will happen again. And again. And again.

I use them as a massage therapist. I use them on my family. And I defineltly use them on my crazy self, because they make me feel good. That is absolutely not hurting anybody.

So that’s right…I am a, “crazy oil lady.” Voodoo. Witchcraft. Call it what you will. Think I haven’t heard it before? You can tell me, “its all in my head,” until you are blue in the face. BUT. I hope at some point you realize, it does not faze us. It will not stop us. And you by all means, no exactly how to delete us!

Love you all even if you don’t oil. And I know you all still love me even though I do!


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