Time, attention, & consistency. The only recipe you need.

How often do we scold our children for being children? I’m guilty of this daily. More than daily actually…in my house usually every 5 seconds.

Example: “I’m bored.” We all dread those two words. How can you be bored? You have so much shit. Well…they are kids, and like they do with most things in life, they need guidance. So maybe we should stop what we are doing, walk them to their activities, pick one out, and place it in front of them. It’ll take all of 5 seconds out of our lives. I’m so guilty of this. I say, “go find something to do,” like 50 times a day. All I would have to do is FIND them something to do. Let’s face it. Imaginations just aren’t what they used to be. It’s a sad reality. We have to deal.

How often do we scold our children for finding ways to entertain themselves when we are distracted by everything else, and not giving them attention that they are probably craving? (Ironic because it clashes with the whole, I’m bored statement above. Now they’ve found something to do, and here we are mad about it again.)

Example: This is what I call “entertaining themselves.”



Looks harmless, IS harmless…but the mess is unbelievable. And I am instantly annoyed that I have to clean it up and totally forget to tell her she looks beautiful. She just wants some kind of reaction. I feel like kids don’t care if it is positive or negative attention, as long as they are getting some sort of attention, either one works. My 10 year old is the QUEEN of this. “You think you can just ignore me? Well you better hold onto your hat, because here I come and I will MAKE you pay attention to me, and I’ll burn down the house in the process.” I am now arguing with her, my attention is all on her, and she just won a battle I was “too busy” to even know had started.

The BF says my kids are like little super geniuses. And they are. Their little brains are always, operating. Thinking. Absorbing. Planning. Analyzing. I swear you’re the smartest you ever will be before the age of 13.

How often do we not follow through on what we say, then become extremely irritated when we don’t see results?

Example: “Do not slam the door again or you will go to your room.” SLAM. Oh well, it’s outside now, so I’ll just reward myself with the fact that it’s not in here demanding everything from me, and totally just brush off the fact that it now knows it can get away with basically anything and I’m not going to do jack shit about it. Yeah. That happens nonstop at my house. And yeah, I referred to my kid as “it” like she is some sort of unidentifiable creature. Which she can most defineltly can be.

Moral of my story is this……

How often do WE as parents just choose NOT to fix these things? How often do we just take the easy way out? I know I do on a regular basis. Shame on me. How simple of fixes these things are.

-Time, positive attention, and consistency. Easy right?

I should probably work on these three. I think I’m going to start tonight. Wish me luck!!







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