How, “just a minute,” can make your life hell.


“Just a minute.” Three words I say to my children like 5 billion times a day. Seems harmless, but is it? Let’s think about this a little bit here.


“Mom, come look at my puzzle.” You’re busy doing whatever. “Just a minute.” Continue doing whatever it is your doing. “Mom, are you coming to see my puzzle?” Still doing whatever you’re doing. “I said, just a minute.” “Mom! Mom! Mom!” Now you’re itritated and go in there, definitely irritated, and probably let them know that you are irritated before you even stop to praise them for their hard work on their puzzle.

I get it. Maybe you don’t want to get up 20 times to see each individual piece of the puzzle being added to their masterpiece. Maybe if you just say, “just a minute,” 20 times they will forget and stop asking. Chances are they will stop asking, but they will not forget that you did NOT do it.

So now it’s bedtime.

“Brush your teeth.” They don’t. “I said go brush your teeth.” Nothing. “Did you brush your damn teeth?” They say they will in, “just a minute.” 10 minutes have passed. “Get in the bathroom and brush your teeth or no puzzles tomorrow.”

Well, what do they care? Take the stupid puzzles away. You never went to look at it anyways, so what does it matter?

“Just a minute.”

Think very carefully everytime you decide to use those three extremely dangerous words, because they can and they will come back to haunt you.


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