Want to start making a living on your schedule, and start living life?


Hi! I am a overworked, underpaid, single mother with two kids. I work 2 jobs to try to keep afloat which leaves me next to zero time to spend with my kids. I have two degrees that are getting me nowhere. I want to live the dream. I want to be able to work in my sweatpants. I want to be home with my children every day that I can. I want to be able to actually LIVE my life I am struggling to pay for.

If this sounds like you also, maybe we are destined to do great things together. I want to build a Young Living essential oil empire. I want to build a super succsessful team of people that want the same things as me. I want to take this amazing product that I love and turn it into a career that gives me the freedom to LIVE. I want to help people and get paid to work for a company that I love, doing something that I love.

I’ve been an oiler with Young Living for three years now. I have seen the potential people have when they, HUSTLE. Hustle is a term used a lot, that I have used very little. As of date, I don’t do anything to make my business succsessful. Yes I am ashamed. This company has been at my fingertips for 3 years, and I have yet to take the leap. I have a super supportive team that is super succsessful and I am ready to follow their lead.

Are you?

Lets do it together! If you love essential oils, you will LOVE Young Living. We are 100% pure, and we can prove it! Essential Oils have been around for an eternity, and I strongly believe they are here to stay. They can not be replaced by something better. They are here, and they are changing people’s lives all over the globe. So use it to change yours!

What are Young Living Essential Oils?



Sound like a lot to take in? Yes, because there are so many uses for oils. It really seems overwhelming, and it can be. Is it impossible to learn? It’s not. The best way to learn is to research. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are LOADED with info!

How do you make money sharing oils? Exactly that. You SHARE! It’s so simple I am kicking myself in the butt for not stepping up sooner! My team shares how they use oils on in a daily basis on their social media and people want to know more. So you work with them and you find what works FOR them. It’s so simple.

What exactly am I trying to “sell?” (this is a very sketchy word in the oil biz. You are really not trying to sell anything. You’re not a vacuum salesman going door to door, you are a normal everyday person just sharing what you love about your product. People love succsess stories!) So…..basically the Young Living starter kit is BOSS when it comes to taking the oily plunge. Here is what is included:

imageIt is everything you need to really get going. And it’s all pretty so taking successful photos to share is a BREEZE!

What are in those bottles!? Well, I’m dying to tell you, because these are your KEY oils! The perfect set to start with. (And thieves is in there. Thieves is the MOTHER of all oils and basically the main reason people start uses YLEO.) Here is what is included with a couple ways to use each oil in the Premium Starter Kit:

Research these! They are all you need to know starting out!

So now what do you do? Well, if you want to join a super awesome team (we call ourselves LEMONDROPPERS) reach out to me! You can email me at c_postl000@hotmail.com, you can find me on facebook (Chantal Beerntsen) or you can look up my facebook group, Oils, the young living essential kind. I am ready to do this, are you!?

Oh, and one more thing! That premium starter kit is $160.00. Sign on and join my team, and I will give you the $50.00 dollars back that would be considered my commission! That drops the price to $110.00 for everything you saw above. Not as bad right!?!? I really want to succeed in this, and my success is based off of your success, but our overall success will be based off us working together. So let’s do this! I don’t feel like going to work anymore – so we can’t waste anymore time!!!

Lots of Love –



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