Are our kids being naughty or normal?


My kids are the masters of pushing my buttons. It’s like they secretly huddle up every morning, (hands in) and plot out what they are going to do each day to make my life difficult, (and BREAK!)

Is this really what’s happening though? Maybe they are just normal little human beings…you know, real people just like us. I truly don’t believe our kids are naughty brats to try to make our lives miserable. I believe they are just like us, trying to figure out the world, and dealing with all the stress that comes with it. Its not easy for us, so how can it possibly be easy for them?

When we tackle each day, and nothing goes right, we react. When children tackle each day, and nothing goes right, they also react. How are our problem more significant than theirs? Just because we are dealing with “the bigger issues” doesn’t mean their issues are less significant.

It’s seems like we are always comparing our problems to other people’s problems. We are very judgemental about it also. “he/she think THEY have problems?” I think this also is the case with our children. I know not being able to locate your left shoe is not life threatening, but to them, neither is not being able to pay the electric bill.

They may be little, but they still have worries. When they throw a fit, yes…most of the time they are just being unreasonable assholes, but sometimes it may be more than that. Sometimes they may not be trying to act naughty, they may just be having a really bad day. Just like normal everyday people. I have bad days all the time. (That sounds so depressing.) I have bad days SOMEtimes. I lash out. I act like a child and I usually take it out on the people I love most in my life because that’s just what we do. I don’t mean to do it, but sometimes you just get so caught up in things, that you just don’t think it through. Most of the time our reactions to situations burst out before we  realize it’s happening.

Tantrum now – stop, think, and breathe after. Ridiculous right? But we do it ALL OF THE TIME.

We are adults and we do this. Our kids have even less control over things. They have less ability to think things through. Maybe not “ability” but kids seldomly ever stop and analyze, well, ANYTHING.

So sometimes when we think they are just being naughty – maybe they arent. Maybe they are just being normal.


Do the butterflies just one day fly away?


Once upon a time there lived a boy and girl. They knew very little about each other, other than the fact that they were head over heels crazy about one another. That was all that mattered. They had little cares about what the future held, as long as they faced it hand in hand. Butterflies were their fuel, and love was their destination.

Time marched on and the boy and girl now knew everything about the each other. Their hopes, their fears, their joys, and their sadnesses. This made them even stronger. This grew a bond between them that was untouchable. Butterflies were their strength, and love would hold them together.

But then it happens. Out of nowhere, life becomes a routine. The world throws obstacles at them from every direction. This made the boy and girl question that maybe what they had thought they had, was just not real. Maybe the simple things like butterflies were never really there to begin with. They could no longer feel them, so how could they possibly still be there.

The boy and the girl are starting to give up.

The butterflies were no longer fueling them. They could no longer feel the strength that they had once given them. Had they gone away forever? Do the butterflies just one day fly away?

The boy and the girl decide that maybe they can find those butterflies and bring them back. They have to still be there somewhere. They decide they are worth finding, and they are worth getting back. So they search for them, and they do it together. Love is their fuel and butterflies, their destination. They work together and rebuilt that bond. Love is their strength. After some effort on both parts, they finally find the butterflies once again, and just as they had hoped, the butterflies put them back together.

Never stop looking for your butterflies…..they may fly away, but they can always be found again.

A tribute to my “crazy” oil.



Dear Ylang Ylang,

I am an emotional roller coaster. Between anxiety, ADHD, and a goofy ovary that requires a high hormone dose to remain in my body, sometimes I feel dizzy, and most times I feel crazy. After a solid year of you by my side, I am finally here to say, thank you, and to share you with the world.

I love you.

Mom’s. Friends. Ladies. This oil is gold. I strongly urge you to locate a bottle immediately and give it a try. I’m a hyper, nervous, hormonal MOMSTER and although this doesn’t, “cure” that, it makes it more manageable. It also smells good, and that helps when I bath in it throughout the day.

No joke, buy it immediately.