Are our kids being naughty or normal?


My kids are the masters of pushing my buttons. It’s like they secretly huddle up every morning, (hands in) and plot out what they are going to do each day to make my life difficult, (and BREAK!)

Is this really what’s happening though? Maybe they are just normal little human beings…you know, real people just like us. I truly don’t believe our kids are naughty brats to try to make our lives miserable. I believe they are just like us, trying to figure out the world, and dealing with all the stress that comes with it. Its not easy for us, so how can it possibly be easy for them?

When we tackle each day, and nothing goes right, we react. When children tackle each day, and nothing goes right, they also react. How are our problem more significant than theirs? Just because we are dealing with “the bigger issues” doesn’t mean their issues are less significant.

It’s seems like we are always comparing our problems to other people’s problems. We are very judgemental about it also. “he/she think THEY have problems?” I think this also is the case with our children. I know not being able to locate your left shoe is not life threatening, but to them, neither is not being able to pay the electric bill.

They may be little, but they still have worries. When they throw a fit, yes…most of the time they are just being unreasonable assholes, but sometimes it may be more than that. Sometimes they may not be trying to act naughty, they may just be having a really bad day. Just like normal everyday people. I have bad days all the time. (That sounds so depressing.) I have bad days SOMEtimes. I lash out. I act like a child and I usually take it out on the people I love most in my life because that’s just what we do. I don’t mean to do it, but sometimes you just get so caught up in things, that you just don’t think it through. Most of the time our reactions to situations burst out before we  realize it’s happening.

Tantrum now – stop, think, and breathe after. Ridiculous right? But we do it ALL OF THE TIME.

We are adults and we do this. Our kids have even less control over things. They have less ability to think things through. Maybe not “ability” but kids seldomly ever stop and analyze, well, ANYTHING.

So sometimes when we think they are just being naughty – maybe they arent. Maybe they are just being normal.


Want to start making a living on your schedule, and start living life?


Hi! I am a overworked, underpaid, single mother with two kids. I work 2 jobs to try to keep afloat which leaves me next to zero time to spend with my kids. I have two degrees that are getting me nowhere. I want to live the dream. I want to be able to work in my sweatpants. I want to be home with my children every day that I can. I want to be able to actually LIVE my life I am struggling to pay for.

If this sounds like you also, maybe we are destined to do great things together. I want to build a Young Living essential oil empire. I want to build a super succsessful team of people that want the same things as me. I want to take this amazing product that I love and turn it into a career that gives me the freedom to LIVE. I want to help people and get paid to work for a company that I love, doing something that I love.

I’ve been an oiler with Young Living for three years now. I have seen the potential people have when they, HUSTLE. Hustle is a term used a lot, that I have used very little. As of date, I don’t do anything to make my business succsessful. Yes I am ashamed. This company has been at my fingertips for 3 years, and I have yet to take the leap. I have a super supportive team that is super succsessful and I am ready to follow their lead.

Are you?

Lets do it together! If you love essential oils, you will LOVE Young Living. We are 100% pure, and we can prove it! Essential Oils have been around for an eternity, and I strongly believe they are here to stay. They can not be replaced by something better. They are here, and they are changing people’s lives all over the globe. So use it to change yours!

What are Young Living Essential Oils?



Sound like a lot to take in? Yes, because there are so many uses for oils. It really seems overwhelming, and it can be. Is it impossible to learn? It’s not. The best way to learn is to research. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are LOADED with info!

How do you make money sharing oils? Exactly that. You SHARE! It’s so simple I am kicking myself in the butt for not stepping up sooner! My team shares how they use oils on in a daily basis on their social media and people want to know more. So you work with them and you find what works FOR them. It’s so simple.

What exactly am I trying to “sell?” (this is a very sketchy word in the oil biz. You are really not trying to sell anything. You’re not a vacuum salesman going door to door, you are a normal everyday person just sharing what you love about your product. People love succsess stories!) So…..basically the Young Living starter kit is BOSS when it comes to taking the oily plunge. Here is what is included:

imageIt is everything you need to really get going. And it’s all pretty so taking successful photos to share is a BREEZE!

What are in those bottles!? Well, I’m dying to tell you, because these are your KEY oils! The perfect set to start with. (And thieves is in there. Thieves is the MOTHER of all oils and basically the main reason people start uses YLEO.) Here is what is included with a couple ways to use each oil in the Premium Starter Kit:

Research these! They are all you need to know starting out!

So now what do you do? Well, if you want to join a super awesome team (we call ourselves LEMONDROPPERS) reach out to me! You can email me at, you can find me on facebook (Chantal Beerntsen) or you can look up my facebook group, Oils, the young living essential kind. I am ready to do this, are you!?

Oh, and one more thing! That premium starter kit is $160.00. Sign on and join my team, and I will give you the $50.00 dollars back that would be considered my commission! That drops the price to $110.00 for everything you saw above. Not as bad right!?!? I really want to succeed in this, and my success is based off of your success, but our overall success will be based off us working together. So let’s do this! I don’t feel like going to work anymore – so we can’t waste anymore time!!!

Lots of Love –


A tribute to my “crazy” oil.



Dear Ylang Ylang,

I am an emotional roller coaster. Between anxiety, ADHD, and a goofy ovary that requires a high hormone dose to remain in my body, sometimes I feel dizzy, and most times I feel crazy. After a solid year of you by my side, I am finally here to say, thank you, and to share you with the world.

I love you.

Mom’s. Friends. Ladies. This oil is gold. I strongly urge you to locate a bottle immediately and give it a try. I’m a hyper, nervous, hormonal MOMSTER and although this doesn’t, “cure” that, it makes it more manageable. It also smells good, and that helps when I bath in it throughout the day.

No joke, buy it immediately.



5 reasons parenting sucks the life out of you. Hang in there.


Raising kids is exhausting. It’s has no official clock in time, and defineltly no official clock out time. It’s 24/7, 7 days a week, for life. Yeah, I know kids become adults at 18, and our days of raising them should at that point be over. But ask your parents if that actually happens…..

Actually, you don’t even have to ask, I’ll just tell you. It doesn’t. It’s never over. Ever. Our children are here for all of our living, breathing days, sucking the air right out of us. Sounds a bit scary if you’re reading this and don’t yet have children, doesn’t it?

Well it’s not that scary. It’s exhausting because our children literally suck the life out of us, but if we can do it, you can do it too.

I have made a little list of 5 ways your children will suck the life out of you. I made this list so that you know you are not alone. Do I have solutions? No. I’m a mom blogger, not a therapist.

1. Children are disgusting. Sounds harsh right? No. It’s so true. They are messy, they are dirty, and they don’t care.

-Personal Hygeine. They don’t like to bathe, brush their teeth, change their underwear, or change their clothes. Like ever.

-Personal Space. They don’t give two shits if there is food molding under their bed. They don’t give two shits if their bedroom smells like a dump. They don’t give two shits if you have to shovel yourself through their crap just to tuck them in.

-Personal Germ Suppliers. They literally touch or lick everything they see. Especially little kids. They wipe their snot on everything but a Kleenex. This isn’t just a little kid thing either. Older kids share everything. “I got a new lipgloss, let’s all take turns using it,” they’ll say to every single other girl on the bus. Yay! So glad we are having 10 different strains of the flu coming home in one small little gloss tube. Thank you for including the entire family in this wonderful gift of disease.

2. Children cost a small fortune. They are always outgrowing things. They are always ruining things. And they always WANT things. This never ends. Our children will look to us for money until they day we kick the bucket.

3. Children think they know everything. They will come to us with every problem they face in life. We will always be the first people that they turn to for advice. When we give them that advice, we are always going to be wrong. This is probably the most draining part about being a parent, but keep it up. Even if they are not listening to anything we tell them, it’s still being logged somewhere in those little heads of theirs for future use. “I can still here my mom/dads voice in my head saying…..” Exactly. It’s filed away up there somewhere and will eventually turn up again. We are NOT wasting our breath.

4. Children will hurt our feelings each and everyday for all eternity. They may or may not be doing this on purpose, but it still can cause us the same amount of pain. In my case it’s comparing our lives to others, “Sally and her family get to go on a Disney cruise for spring break. They’re so lucky.” They absoluelty were not at all trying to make us feel bad, but as parents we instantly feel guilty and wish that we too could afford a Disney cruise for our family over spring break, then instantly feel like a failure. This is normal. Just find something fun to do that doesn’t cost a years salary. It’s the time spent together that counts, and there will be plenty of time for Disney cruises in the future.

5. Children are always there. Sure, they go to school, and as they get older they start having more independance. But even after the ages where kids are 100% dependent of their parents, they are still everywhere you look. Their laundry, their dirty dishes, their toys, basically all of their shit is always there. Actually always everywhere. Even when you cannot  “physically” see your child, they always have ways of reminding you that they still are still there is spirit.

So there you have it. 5 things that literally suck the life out of me as a parent. None of these things have killed me yet, and I promise none of these things will kill you either. All in all, raising children is the most beautiful thing that will suck the life out of you. But sometimes it’s just nice to know that you’re not alone in the world.


Earth Boudoir Photography

I have never been a photographer that can take a picture of a waterfall or sunset that takes your breath away. I use the Earth and nature a little bit differently. I love to use it to help mothers actually FEEL as beautiful as they already are.

Authors note: A HUGE thank you to my beautiful sister in law for allowing me to use these pictures on the Internet for all the world to see. I love you long time.

via Photo Challenge: Earth