Do the butterflies just one day fly away?


Once upon a time there lived a boy and girl. They knew very little about each other, other than the fact that they were head over heels crazy about one another. That was all that mattered. They had little cares about what the future held, as long as they faced it hand in hand. Butterflies were their fuel, and love was their destination.

Time marched on and the boy and girl now knew everything about the each other. Their hopes, their fears, their joys, and their sadnesses. This made them even stronger. This grew a bond between them that was untouchable. Butterflies were their strength, and love would hold them together.

But then it happens. Out of nowhere, life becomes a routine. The world throws obstacles at them from every direction. This made the boy and girl question that maybe what they had thought they had, was just not real. Maybe the simple things like butterflies were never really there to begin with. They could no longer feel them, so how could they possibly still be there.

The boy and the girl are starting to give up.

The butterflies were no longer fueling them. They could no longer feel the strength that they had once given them. Had they gone away forever? Do the butterflies just one day fly away?

The boy and the girl decide that maybe they can find those butterflies and bring them back. They have to still be there somewhere. They decide they are worth finding, and they are worth getting back. So they search for them, and they do it together. Love is their fuel and butterflies, their destination. They work together and rebuilt that bond. Love is their strength. After some effort on both parts, they finally find the butterflies once again, and just as they had hoped, the butterflies put them back together.

Never stop looking for your butterflies…..they may fly away, but they can always be found again.